second chances

Leaves of gold wrestle with the wind
Sparkle and sway
Catch energy from the Suns ray
Rustic river slows it’s pace
Kissing the sandy edge
Flirting with subtle erosion
Trampled grass forming trails
Not meant for passing
I’ve walked this path many a time
Shoes kicking pebbles
In a frenzied manner
Always keeping time
Today I noticed my breath
I looked left, right
All around
Saw things with permanence
And others with grace
The fall air carried me
Along the lonely passage
It’s essence igniting my senses
Aroma of well worn water
Where Stagnant arenas
Give invitation to dwellers
My fingertips trace
Soft and fragile
Outlines of petals
Small waves wash ashore
By a fisherman heading home
Sights I so readily dismiss
Fill me up
Promise second chances


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