I am calling a truce to whatever war is in my head

I am calling for peace and resolution 

Within my own being

Pleading with myself to put down the perceived weapons

Stop the fight

Not to be confused with giving up


Allowing space to breathe 


Take a step back


You see I have been steeped in self will

I have demanded to run the show

Be in the show

Steal the show and 

Close the show

Its really about not being able to 

Appreciate the show

For its ups






Behind this lens

Things are easily tainted


Dark and


If no one else is allowed in 

How could it be any other way

Well until I took a step back

I didn’t see it

My black and white belief system

I especially didn’t see how it was hurting me

Causing my anger

Irritation and

Increasing hatred 

What I could see

And ultimately feel

Was how I was becoming a person I do not want to be

I no longer wish to engage in battle

I lay down my arms and rest

Steeped in self honor and glory




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