A Touch of Hypomania

Words and thoughts bounce around my mind at record pace. I can’t catch even one. If I did there would just be another one to push it out of the way. Super productive day. Up at 6 as I heard my husband swearing in the kitchen. Come to find out the dishwasher didn’t drain. Water just standing in the bottom. Paperwork upon paperwork strewn about. The instructions book from the manufacturer, receipts from Home Depot. Trouble shooting guide, chat room, telephone number for a live person. Where to start?  Figured out the live person isn’t available til 8am, that is much too far away. I start an email request for service, then switch to chat. Nice guy, Chester, tries to give me assistance but can’t really help.  He advises a repair representative will call starting on Friday. I pulled out the Hail Mary and said 10 people were coming over for thanksgiving. This is not true, actually we are going out of town for the weekend.  He apologized for the inconvenience and reminded me of the serial number.  Oh good point. Logged all necessary info into my phone in case we get a call while we are away.
I then begin to scoop water out of the basin of the dishwasher, then when almost dry I use a towel. Next I wash all the really dirty dishes so the inside does not smell.  I was also tasked with making turkey burgers, a staple in our house. I give myself permission to stop and drink some coffee. It’s now 9am. I need to fit in a workout. I have an appointment at 1pm. I counted the hours I had to get things done over and over. 4 hours didn’t seem like a lot of time. I could feel the anxiety brewing.  I tried to take deep breaths. I decided I must workout this instant. Time was ticking.  So, I did a body weight routine I made up, takes about 20-25 minutes.
My husband emailed me the turkey burger recipe as it’s typically his gig. Nice beautiful spreadsheet cuz that’s how he understands things best. I had made a pot of beans the previous day, also usually his thing.  You might have figured out he is he cook of the house. It’s nice to be busy, have purpose. I just think I might be moving a bit fast. I had 3 outfits for the weekend I wanted to show him. I tried them on in the middle of cooking. I took care of the compost and the recycling. Almost took the chopping knife outside w me. I cleaned the kitchen in the middle of turkey burger chaos. I also did a load of laundry. I did some writing. Even had some time to spare.
I sat down at the kitchen table before my appointment and I just burst into tears. I couldn’t handle all the energy, the thoughts racing about, not being able to sit still. I had hoped to take a nap after my appointment but that was impossible. I had to keep moving. I started packing. I picked different outfits. Clothes I ordered online arrived early. Now I had more decisions to make. More frantic thinking. I tried on everything for my husband at the speed of lightning. He asked me to check something, I went to the bedroom but had no idea what I was supposed to do. He followed behind and reminded me.  He suggested I take a minute and breathe. I did. But it didn’t help. My mind was overwhelmed. My body was trying to keep up. I sat on the couch and just wiggled my legs. Got up. Sat down. I finally ate dinner as I realized I did not eat lunch.
It’s now 8:15 at night. I feel so restless. I feel like I have so much to write. So many great posts to produce. However my body wants to rest. My husband wants me to take something to calm down, help me sleep. I of course want to harness this energy. Could this possibly be hypomania? I’m going to enjoy every second of it and pray it doesn’t turn into somethings else.


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