Agitation traces a line up one side of my body
and down the other.
Little thorns are born
meant to snag you and
make you bleed.
I entice you to come close all the while
hoping you stay away.
The chaos runs deep.
Renders me vulnerable.
All I want is love I can’t bare
A soft subtle kiss
Mesmerizing my lips
I hiss and I scratch
Not knowing how to be close
Not believing I stand a chance
Sweet thorns protecting
Me from you
Yet later
You from me
My place in this world
Not withstanding
Madness comes a calling
I roam the empty streets
Barren and naked
But mostly just alone
Into your window I creep
Slide right in beside you
Red droplets on white satin
Outline my passion
For I do long for touch
For shared sensuality
I leave my eyes closed
So you don’t see into me
The luscious monster I am
Here to scorn you
Push and pull
Into smithereens

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