Painful Journey

For the sake of honesty
I hold my pen to the fire
Drink the bounty of sugar
Bourbon and wine
Drunken words w no inhibition
Run a stake to the heart
Can be naughty or nice
Liquid courage becomes the vice
Summoning false conviction
Demanding deep red sultry
Lipstick on your face
Who you believed to be
Washed away in a bottle
Lost in illusion
Reality an intrusion
Perhaps white powder
Is the long sought solution
Desecration of soul
Loss of control
You never truly had
So anxious for the pass
Your next round
A ticket to bliss
Expunged of pain
So many voices
All pretend to be your friend
Not on one can you rely
This isn’t you
But the mirror doesn’t lie
So cold
And alone
Pain looms large
Promising to swallow
You whole
Terrors of childhood
A time without love
Forever sadness
Of what could of been
But stolen instead
Close the curtains
Fall into bed
Weep for the little you
Who knew no bounds
The journey now begins


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