We are Not So Different

Call out
I know your name
Your secret
Your shame
I sense your fear
Feel your rage
Your laughter is a cover
Your violence the stage
Incredibly hard to carry
Your wicked hate
The dark chasm of your mind
The ceaseless beating
From your own thoughts
Your skin is too tight
No room to breathe
We are not so different
You and me
The wrath of the darkness
Follows me too
The echo chamber of insults
Throws daggers my way
Blood red impressions
Left on the walls
As I crawl across the room
You see the demon also
Knows my name
Has me knee deep in the game
Of cruelty and dare
The one defining difference
Is I am my own victim
But a bully just the same
Can we lay down our arms
Call a truce of sorts
I’ll own my transgressions
Against self
You forgive the past
That led you here
Masks set aside
As real as it gets
I dare you to honor yourself
If only for a day
Take heed in compassion
That’s bound to come your way
In the mirror I stare
With new vision
Hope and regret will always
Remain in collision
But we can be the victor
And rise above
Set sail on a new journey
Of self love
Role of the bully
Firmly cast aside
No longer needing to hide
Stepping out in bold fashion
No longer held captive
No more a slave
To our broken mind
As you stand
Call out
I’ll listen for your name


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