The Weight of Secrets

Staring into the mirror
Glassied eyes blue
Wondering which hat to wear
To protect me from you
True it may only cover my eyes
But this way you can’t see through
To the real me
Cowering and afraid
The real me who can’t handle
The emotions of today
As the waves keep coming
My tears never give way
The all encapsulating sadness
The questions of who I am
The real me kept hidden
So you don’t see the fall
There is no grace in this broken body
No refinement in this tangled mind
Dancing around the devil
Constantly Trying to run and hide
Let’s add a feather boa
Pretend glamour is one step behind
Not too bright but enough to catch your eye
You fancy it, long for the touch
Yet, I wear it as a barrier
That grows heavier over time
My footsteps narrow
My breath more shallow
The weight of my secrets
Bring me to my knees
I lay down under my hat
Layered in my boa
Soft words whispered above
Glassy eyes closed


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