Remnants of Self

Slashing this pale freckled skin
Tearing at my own flesh
With red speckled hands
Down to the marrow
Down to the core
Where my soul is housed
I can only hope
The sacred window into myself
Has not closed
After the mania
After the depression
After the psychosis
I have lost sight of
Who I am
Through the looking glass
I see remnants
Of a past self
Through the mirror
I see remnants
Of a current self
Through the truth of dreams
I see remnants
Of a future self
Through the chaos of the kaleidoscope
The melded remnants leave me
Puzzle pieces
With no foundation to build upon

4 thoughts on “Remnants of Self

  1. Keep writing out your feelings because I hear you and understand so well. A beautiful expression of your troubled self in this poem. I love all of you the whole puzzle is wonderful the pieces will be put together, I have faith in You.


  2. 😦 I’m sorry.

    It’s a beautiful poem, but I’m sorry you’re in that place. Having been in a similar one at times, I know how it hurts. Keep hanging on, and keep hoping. (H.O.P.E. – Hold on; pain ends).


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