Bipolar disorder, type I, with psychotic features.  This is my diagnosis and often times what dictates my life. NOT always my loving husband points out.  This can be a dark blog as my writing is rather raw and very real.  If I’m hurt to the core, you will read about it.  On the bright side sometimes hypomania creeps in and things sparkle or sizzle.  It’s day to day for me as might come through in my writing.  It’s hard for me to share feelings in the real world, but I can somehow find the words on “pen and paper.”



4 thoughts on “About

  1. I can identity so much with the games our mind can play with us. I hope you will take the 3rd option on those days and just know you can always go home if it is too hard. I know how much grit it takes to fake it till you make it. But I am so proud of all of us because we do make it, we are the strongest of strong. Cheering for you baby!


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