Dreams die in the Fog

The lies
They take hold
Implant in my mind
No persuasion otherwise
This just is
Fantasy of life
On the wings of delusion
What could be
Buried deep in illusion
Who are you
To believe
To pursue
Don’t forget
It is you
That rides the wave of confusion
Your mind overrides
Any sense
Any infusion
Of possibility
Your Dreams die in the fog
Of unrequited absolution
For you dear one
Rest in between the realm of
Duality and
The long road is ahead
Forever waiting

Dare to Dream with Me

You politely asked to step into my dream
Even took your shoes off
As a sign of respect
This is my domain
This is my subconscious
Enter at your own risk
The pendulum is often swinging
Of its own accord
Gingerly find your place
Within my fierce space
Sometimes I see the messiah
Sometimes I am him
Other times
I am my own monster
Raging within
If you can dance in darkness
And in light
I welcome you to my dreamscape


A kaleidoscope of dreams


Beauty immersed in


Twisted and tangled

Tarnished and mangled

Ah, but not destroyed


Teeny Tiny shreds

Of hope

Hold these dreams together

Caught up in darkness

Falling free into light

A slight turn of the


An uptick in thought

Transcendence of expectation

A sometimes soul-less


Floundering in the night

Reaches so very deep

Within the cavernous mind





The essence of me

For when I am found

That is but one dream

Come true