It was a Goodbye to All

My feet touched fire
My mind was unleashed
I didn’t know you
And I certainly didn’t know me
Treading down wind
Faceless and unrepressed
Damp air curled my hair
Anger furled my brow
Slow climb down the rocks
With a pervasive racing heart
Innocence fueled my desire
Calm ocean waves to feed my soul
Haywire at best
Clouds so blue
Eyes turning upward
As synapses collide
The taste of silver
Of metallic
Cursed my lips
Cold water dances on my toes
Why am I here
Steady rise to my feet
And cold stark words
Fall from my mouth
Goodbye to all


Remnants of Self

Slashing this pale freckled skin
Tearing at my own flesh
With red speckled hands
Down to the marrow
Down to the core
Where my soul is housed
I can only hope
The sacred window into myself
Has not closed
After the mania
After the depression
After the psychosis
I have lost sight of
Who I am
Through the looking glass
I see remnants
Of a past self
Through the mirror
I see remnants
Of a current self
Through the truth of dreams
I see remnants
Of a future self
Through the chaos of the kaleidoscope
The melded remnants leave me
Puzzle pieces
With no foundation to build upon


A kaleidoscope of dreams


Beauty immersed in


Twisted and tangled

Tarnished and mangled

Ah, but not destroyed


Teeny Tiny shreds

Of hope

Hold these dreams together

Caught up in darkness

Falling free into light

A slight turn of the


An uptick in thought

Transcendence of expectation

A sometimes soul-less


Floundering in the night

Reaches so very deep

Within the cavernous mind





The essence of me

For when I am found

That is but one dream

Come true


Fallen into utter sadness
Deep searing pain
Reaches every part of me
Ravaging my insides
Damaging my soul
Perpetuating loss of self
A catastrophic heart ache
No echo of hope
Silence fills the room
While chaos fills my mind
The treasure of sunshine unseen
As I dig deeper into darkness
Chapters of my life
Written and unwritten
Suppressed and forgotten
Spill onto the floor
The truth of my demons revealed
No rhyme or reason
Why memories collide
Shame pulls the trigger
Salty water skims my eye
Shackled and alone
My threshold long surpassed
I simply desire to die